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  1. Thank you for taking the time to post this information. It is really very helpful. Robin
  2. I have been out of the lab for a number of years and am trying to understand some of the changes since I left, particularly in hematology. Does anyone set up Westgard rules on hematology analyzers? If so, could you explain how you do it and on whichever instrument you use? When I was in the lab it was only used in Chemistry so this is new to me. If you could provide information on how you handle QC in hematology these days, I would really appreciate being brought up to date. When I was in the lab we ran 3 levels of liquid controls on each shift. We would look at our L-J charts and determine if controls were in or out. We also ran a patient blood throughout the day to assure instrument precsions. Is this still being done? I may be going back into the lab and would really like to feel a little more current. I hate to date myself, but my first automated hematology instrument was a Coulter S and we also used a ZBI for platelets. The newer instrument are really marvelous. Instrumentation has come a long way. Thanks in advance to anyone willing to share their knowledge and expertise with this dinosaur. Robin
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