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  1. We are becoming involved in tissue management, having moved implantable tissue (bone, tendon, etc) into the lab, and finding that the OR / surgeon expects to be able to put frozen products back in the -80 freezer, perhaps with a shorter (6 month) outdate. Surgeons like to see several products and choose one. We had assumed, once out of the freezer, these are wasted, or at best, in the fridge with a 24 hour outdate. Thoughts on this? Should we: a) just waste the tissue, try to validate some coolers for frozen tissue, c) look into thermometers to place in coolers? Currently, we have ice blocks, but no source of dry ice. A couple issues that have been brought up - a monitored cooler, or validated cooler gives us no guarantee that the tissue has not been removed and partially thawed while in the OR. We have this problem with RBC's, and use the temp dots to let us know a product has been removed and warmed... I'm not aware of any method of monitoring the actual temperature of the tissue itself. The OR staff say we should "just trust them..."
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