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  1. What models do you have?
  2. Hey everyone, Our Serofuge 2002 just died and we are looking for a new one. I've looked at several but want to hear everyone else's experiences! Pros and Cons of whatever you use. Thanks in advance, Lindsey
  3. Hey everyone! I was curious about how everyone is implementing the new standard to start including Group O and AB plasma into the utilization review? Or if you have already done so...what is your Transfusion Service doing?
  4. I've seen a few threads about doing QC for gel, but was wondering if anyone was willing to share their procedure with me? We currently do ABO in tube and screens in IgG gel cards. We are looking to switch to ORTHO's ABD Reverse Gel cards and still do our screens using the 0.8% Surgiscreen. Any opinions on best option for QC? I see where some are using the ORTHO Confidence System? Some are using their Immucor CorQC tube reagents. What's the best way to switch and with what reagents for QC? Also for retypes, use the Ortho ABD card? I'm assuming this has to be QC'd as well? What
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