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  1. Yes. Sunquest says they can make the product Standalone. However, we're still in the early stages and it looks like they haven't done it many times yet... They don't seem to have it all worked out. I know of a site that is SMART that has done it, but I'm looking for a site that has implemented it without SMART. Thank you for the info, bmarotto. We are also looking to implement BPAM -- with a partial BPAM at first, and then moving to full functionality after the rest of the lab has moved to Beaker. I was just in touch with the Epic folks and our interface team, asking if we could build a table in the interface to convert our product codes to E-codes. (We have a 1 to 1 match with product codes and E codes, except for aliquots -- and I thought that might work.) All Epic would say was that they "weren't sure it would work." So, yeah... I just gave in because I didn't want to be argumentative. For those of you who have moved to Beaker, are you collecting samples through Rover using Beaker? Do your results go back through Beaker? Or are you keeping BB separate entirely? Thanks for all your help!
  2. We have had Epic as our HIS, and we will be moving to Epic Beaker next year. We will be using a Standalone version of Sunquest, but the details have not been ironed out yet. Does anyone have experience with Epic and the Sunquest Standalone product? The primary problem we are having right now is figuring out how BB specimens will be collected once Beaker and Rover go-live. We would prefer to not re-label specimens if at all possible. We are not SMART. Any advice is welcome!
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