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  1. I have been working in a blood bank for a few years and just found out about the BB test by ASCP. I have a 4 year biology degree and was going to apply to take the test. Problem is, I've never worked in one of the labs that does ABO confirmation or crossmatching. I brought the form to different managers and they all told me I'm not allowed to be trained in the processes because they're not allowed to train non-MLT/MTs in these processes. I was even told by one manager that we don't do some of the stuff on the list, so they couldn't show me that anyway. How are people working in blood banks getting managers to train them and sign off on these processes so that they can qualify to test for BB if no non-MLT/MTs can't be trained on them? 92 people tested for BB in 2018, I doubt the rules were magically changed for 2019. Any advice?
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