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  1. We are trying to set up a new lot of QC for our Dimension EXL 200. We also use LabLink to evaluate our QC. Last time we set up the new lot, there were issues with it crossing over due to it not being set up correctly on the Dimension. How do I set it up in the Dimension so that it will cross over into LabLink into new lot, not the old?
  2. Amy Townsend

    Siemens CentraLink qc

    We had a representative from CentraLink set ours up at first- I think that was a part of the service they offer. Then they did a web call to go over it with us. They are very helpful and have been with any questions since then.
  3. Amy Townsend

    High Platelets on LH500

    We have had a few patients that the doctor alerted us to that had a higher normal range platelet count on our LH500 that had also been tested at other labs and their results were lower, normal range. We did a study comparing our results to our main hospital lab's (we are a Cancer Center clinic) results to ours and their is a definite positive bias. Is anyone else seeing this? We also looked into the fact that we run our CBC's almost immediately after being drawn and the data comparing immediate results to 2hour post draw results didn't really confirm anything.

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