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  1. Body Fluid Differential

    Thanks guys, going to just confirm with the State, then delete it from the procedure.
  2. Hi everyone! I am reviewing old procedures and am looking for some references about QC on body fluid differentials. The Cell-Chex we use to QC the count package insert lists values for manual differentials, so it was put into the procedure, but I have found zero documentation that it even needs to be done. I have also reviewed numerous body fluid procedures and have yet to find another one that says QC on a manual differential has to be done. We don't do QC on CBC manual differentials, 'QCing' the slide just checks the stain quality (which is recorded every day anyway). Anyone have any input? Thanks!
  3. Body Fluids

    I have used them for years, and have just switched the hospital where I am now. Love them!
  4. Welcome to the forums dcamp67 :)