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Antibiotic MIC/Interpretation Reporting

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Consider for the sake of discussion, E-tests, automated micro-dilution, Kirby-Bauer methods for antibiotic susceptibility testing.

If there are no CLSI guidelines for reporting a particular drug/organism combination (therefore no in-vitro to in-vivo validation);

If a physician requests the MIC value only or Kirby-Bauer measurement; Can this be reported?

If yes, does anyone have a comment they post with the result?

If yes, how do you justify which method you utilize to report and how do you justify the in-vitro/in-vivo correlation?  Since there are no CLSI guidelines or data?

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We are thinking about reporting as follows:  Any comments or other suggestions welcomed.

(Drug Name) (Methodology)  MIC: xx mcg/ml

(Drug Name): No CLSI guidelines available for test methodology or antibiotic susceptibility interpretation for this

drug/organism combination.

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