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    • By Tinna Hung
      Mediware and Kinnser Software have united thirty brands, including HCLL and LifeTrak, into one brand with a common mission - to provide the software and services that help our customers realize care's potential. We are now WellSky. Our HCLL blood bank software is now WellSKy Transfusion, and our blood centers and testing software (LifeTrak) is now WellSky Blood Centers.
    • By sandy90
      Can anyone provide feedback on their favorite computer modules for Blood Bank, Blood Donor Services and Cellular Therapy. We are currently looking to replace Cerner Millennium with one of the following: SoftBank/Soft Donor, SafeTrace TX /Eldorado or Mediware, BCBS.
    • By pmgibs
      Can anyone tell me what the HCLL Attribute Formula would be for a pathogen reduced apheresis platelet? Also, all the derivations (ie. Volume-reduced, Irradiated, Saline washed, etc.) . 
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