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Customer Advisory Panel Requested

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Hello Transfusion Community,

I am reaching out to see if any blood bankers are interested in being part of an 'Advisory Panel' to provide feedback on new products, existing products, and to generally help us better understand your needs and challenges.  

If interested, please email me @  willm@packmaxq.com.

Thank you,

Will Mitchell

MaxQ Research 

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    • By SMILLER
      In general, what is a good amount of time to wait to check a hemoglobin after a RBC transfusion?  I realize that the term "general" may be a bit too broad here considering all of the different conditions a patient getting transfusions may be in. 
      What we are looking at is newer policy here at our hospital requiring a H&H for most RBC post-transfusion patients before an order is processed for any further transfusions.  We are anticipating questions on this.
      If anyone has a definitive reference regarding a study on this or whatnot that would be nice to have also. 
      Thanks, Scott
    • By MHiggins
      For those of you who perform testing and provide blood products to satellite facilities, how do you transport the products? Do you use a transport box/cooler? How are they kept at the facility? In a refrigerator or in the transport container (validated for x amount of time)? 
      Thank you!
    • By jsocolow1
      Does anyone have a standard that you use for how long Blood Bank antisera and reagent red cells can be kept out of storage?  The manufacturer's inserts for Immucor state to store at     1-10 C when not in use, but nothing in terms of the maximum time refrigerated reagents can be kept at room temp.  We rotate our racks every 8 hours. 
      Thanks for your input!
    • By heathervaught
      ISABB was organized in 1980 to form an educational network among individual blood bankers and institutional blood banks in the state of Indiana.
    • By TreeMoss
      Our current procedures for blood type (and anything including that) state that we need to do a patient re-type if there is no blood type history on the patient.  We will just do a forward type on the current specimen.  We are going to be setting up electronic crossmatch (soon, I hope) and will be required to test a specimen collected at a separate time for the re-type.  I am seeking input on how you folks handle your patient re-types.  We are also currently doing the re-type on every specimen -- including cord workups.  We know that when we start the electronic crossmatches, we will not be getting a separate specimen on those babies for the retype.  What do you do for traumas, pre-ops who come in a few days before surgery and only blood bank ordered, etc.  Because we have been testing the same specimen for our retype, it adds on to that original requisition.  I will have to change the retype to make a new requisition.
      Any suggestions will be appreciated.
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