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Nate S

Chronic Reactive Lymphocytosis

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Hi Everyone,

This is a question for the Hematology experts out there.  What is the clinical significance of someone that has chronic reactive absolute lymphocytosis with a normal WBC count? Do you think more testing to follow-up is required and if so what test(s)? I've done lots of research on this topic, but wanted to see what everyone's thoughts/ideas are regarding this topic.

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I agree that it is possible that the "reactive" lymphs may be lymphoma cells.  If the patient is middle-aged or older it could also be an early CLL.  They should probably see a hematologist.


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Yea, I was thinking flow cyto would be a good start to see if it's not something more serious.  They don't look like lymphoma cells at all - they look like the typical reactive lymphocytes you would see on a peripheral smear.

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