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Seeking input for a NEW Hemo bioscience Validation Product

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Hemo bioscience is currently developing a new product to be used for validation of blood bank instrumentation.  To better understand the challenges associated with new method implementation, we would like to speak with 5-10 individuals who have recently, i.e. within the last year, implemented a new automated method for pretransfusion testing.

To be considered, please send an email to j.lowery@hemobioscience.com with answers to the following:


Which instrument did you implement and when?

Which assays did you validate/qualify for your new instrument?


If selected to participate, a short phone call will be scheduled to further discuss your instrument validation/qualification process.


To show our appreciation, those who are selected and complete the project will receive an Amazon gift card via email.


Jimmy Lowery, MT(ASCP)SBBcm

Product Manager, Hemo bioscience

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