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Can we distinctive Bacteria Positive or Negative through Gram Stain Kit ?

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    • By new2BB
      Hello everyone.
      Please let me know what you think about this.
      Recently we sent a unit to micro for a gram stain and culture.  we do this for all the febrile transfusion reactions (>2 degrees F temperature rise).  Micro called back and reported no organisms seen, no WBCs.  After 24 hrs, they reported gram positive cocci in clusters.  The next day the organism identified was S. aureus.  My question is:  how would you report the gram stain?  Negative or positive?  Some of us believe it should be reported as positive, other techs say we should go by the initial call and report it as negative.  we informed the medical director and she contacted the patient's physician.  Our disagreement is on how to report the gram stain in the computer.
      Hope everyone has a great weekend!!
    • By kenjiang
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      Thank you
    • By SBriggs
      Does anyone have policies, processes, procedures to share regarding how you deal with gram stain discrepencies between technologists and when you would perform a corrected report. 
      Also if you have any references regarding how and why you use this criteria that would be helpful also.
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