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Glass tubes vs Polypropylene tubes


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We use exclusively polystyrene tubes.  I do not know of any polypropylene tubes cleared for use in blood bank.

I'm assuming you are talking about the little 12x75 or 10x75mm tubes used for 'Tube Testing'.

Ditto ... polystyrene, not polypropylene. 


We tested several tubes years ago when we made the switch from glass to plastic.  The difference has to do with the way the tubes are made (molded vs extruded) and the little micro pits and valleys caused by these differences ... pits and valleys will 'catchup' the button, etc. 


If you are in the US, I can pass on to you the name/# of the vendor we use for these tubes ... this company is very knowledgeable about the differences and they don't gouge their prices like some other vendors do.  Message me if you want their info.


And don't let vendors tell you 'they are all the same' because they a definately NOT!  Be aware that some vendors will switch you out with cheaper 'wrong' tubes without telling you!  (Yes, it happened here.) 


PS We do use plastic evacuated tubes for samples as well ...

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