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Michele Herman

Anticoagulant Volumes For Divided Apheresis Products

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Our facility is struggling with how to deal with anticoagulant volumes when preparing neonatal aliquots from apheresis products.  Are any facilities performing manual calculations for this?  Does your LIS software perform the calculation?

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I would recommend a manual calculation, which should be fairly easy to do. 


Aliquot Anticoagulant = (Aliquot volume/Original product volume) x Original Anticoagulant Volume



So if making a 20 mL aliquot from an original product containint 200 mL and 15 mL anticoagulant:


Aliquot Anticoagulant = (20/200) x 15 = 1.5 mL



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      We use BacT/Alert and followed new CAP requirement to "have a system for monitoring blood cultures for adequate volume and feeding back the results to blood collectors".
      We performed random volume checks throughout 2014 using 5ml - 10ml as an acceptable volume for adults - knowing that 5ml is too little (should be 7ml I would think). Manufacturer only says "10ml is optimal" - no minimum or maximum. Do others feel the same? Even at 5ml only 75% met the criteria. (Of course most of the failures were nurse draws.) As a result of this I want to include this monitor as a 2015 QA monitor with more indept monitoring and followup to get this to improve.
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      When we aliquot an apheresis product we get a full face label for the aliquot and a quandrant 3 & 4 label for the parent unit stating the new product volumes of each.  The product description on the original label includes "xxx mL containing approx ___ml ACD-A" with a value handwritten in the blank space. Our aliquot labels have this same wording on them.  When you label your aliquot or add the quadrant 3&4 label to the original bag what do you do with the handwritten anticoagulant volume?  Leave it blank on both (even though you are covering up the original on the parent unit)? Calculate the ratio for each aliquot?  Copy the original total volume back onto the label for the now lower volume parent unit? (With additional aliquots this value will get more and more inaccurate.)
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