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Point of care hematology analzyer for oncology office

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Does anyone have tips or warnings about using a Sysmex Pochi CBC with 3 part differential in an oncology office? We currently staff a medical technologist and have Beckman Coulter analyzer on site for 6 hours a day. We do maybe 10 cbcs a day. With the staffing shortage we are trying to think of a way to better use our staff yet still give the oncologists results they can use to treat patients

Any advice appreciated!


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I am sorry, I know this post is about 3 years old. But I came upon it, and it peeked my interests. I googled the Sysmex Pochi because I have never used one before.  It seems like a pretty amazing small hematology analyzer to me! Did you ask your oncologist what CBC/Diff results they need? Like what parts of the differential do they absolutely need? If the Pochi can provide that required information, why not just stick with Pochi? And save some money from not having to use the Coulter. Good luck. 

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We are using the Pochi-100 in our oncology satellite and also have them as an emergency backup for our elderly Coulters. They have worked great. The oncologists are most concerned with the WBC, H&H and platelets and the absolute neutrophil number. The analyzer flags the diff for abnormal cell types and the docs can stain a slide and view it quickly and/or send it to the main lab for a technologist to perform a differential. Good little machine!

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