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  1. The second type must be from a separate phlebotomy event. If we are unable to get a second blood type, which is rare, we do use Group O cells. We very rarely have problems getting Group O cells.
  2. We follow the same practice as Mabel. The second sample is required for all patients who do not type as Group O and we also use other lab specimens that were collected at different times than the original blood bank sample.
  3. We are also in New York. I did call our regulatory agency to ask about storage requirements and was told that at this time they do not regulate fecal transplant material. We have a compartmentalized freezer and store the product on the bottom shelf. The FDA has classified it as an investigational drug but our pharmacy did not want to manage it. The organization decided that since we have the freezer capacity and a mechanism to track the product, it would be stored in the blood bank. We manage it the same way we manage our tissue products. Also, since it is a product that will be implanted into patients, they did not want the product stored in a chemistry or micro freezer with potentially hazardous patient specimens.
  4. Thanks! The blood bank is currently doing the audits for the transfusion. If this goes through, we may be asking nursing to perform the audits.
  5. Our hospital has begun using technology that transfers vital signs directly from the vital signs monitor to our Meditech electronic medical record. This has eliminated the manual documention of vital signs which was a great quality improvement. Nursing also uses the Meditech Transfusion Administration Record (TAR) to document transfusions. Our problem is that the vital signs are not able to be downloaded into the TAR. They only are able to be sent to one location in the Patient Care Documentation (PCD) location. Our only option is to have nursing manually copy the vitals from the PCD into TAR. Understandly, this is a huge dissatifier to the nursing staff and opens the door to errors as well. We have already check with the vendor for the vital signs instrument. They can only send data to one interface so there is no option to have the vitals sent to an alternate location. A proposal has been made to stop documenting the vitals in TAR and the expectation is that anyone looking for transfusion vitals would have to go to the PCD and figure out what vitals belong to the transfusion. Has anyone run into this problem and were you able to resolve it?
  6. We ran into similiar issues. EXM will not work unless the antibody intepretation is set up as an "ABS" type test. We had no other option other than to convert our "T" type antibody interpretation test to an "ABS" type test. We then ran into problems with the ProVue interface. It turned out that the ProVue's "Neg" interpretation did not match Meditech's "Negative" interpretation. This required a programing change by Meditech since the ProVue software is hardwired. Hope that helps.
  7. Looking to see what the current thinking is on using control cells for direct coombs testing. We were recently sited on our CAP inspection for only running an IgG coombs control on our polyspecific direct coombs testing. We only use complement coombs control when we specifically test with anti-complment antisera. We use Ortho bioclone polyspecific antisera for the preliminary DAT and follow-up with monospecific testing if the test is positive. For negative reactions, the polyspecific AHG product insert only refers to using Ortho Coombs Control-Group O cells sensitized with IgG.
  8. We have one form per event. The form has all the units listed and is signed by the provider after event.
  9. Hello, Does anyone have experience with Biohit eLINE Electronic Pipettors? We are thinking about retiring our Ortho ID-tipmasters that we use for the MTS-gel and are considering the eLINE as a replacement. Thanks.
  10. Does anyone have a protocol for emergency transfusion for neonates they would be willing to share? We are not a neonatal facility but are being asked to put together a policy for emergencies. This would be a very rare event for us. Thanks
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