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  1. We are working on validating body fluids on our DXH also.  It seems to be a long process but worth it in the end.  Pleurals and pericaridials will be the biggest help.  Joints are one that we are saving for last due to the nature of the specimen.  When counting manually, you have to count all of the mesos and macros to get the total nucleated count.  When you do dilutions, it does create a certain amount of error.  Does any one have any more help?

    1. coppesml


      Thank you, Amy! So you get enough specimens to do validations on real patients? I wish we had more.

  2. No... Heavens NO. We use P2Y12 and Platelet Aggregation.
  3. We have the DXH800's with the SMSS. Service is good. The Stainer does require weekly (almost bi-weekly, if you have a high through-put) maintenance but it is fairly easy. We had to play with our stain a lot before we got it right. Our pathologists were very picky. I would not recommend the BC buffer. We used Volu-solv buffer with great results for smears, bone marrows and body fluids. I have heard good things about the DXH900 from other places. We will be looking at that one next, mainly for the Sepsis Protocol. Does Sysmex offer a Sepsis Protocol?
  4. Hi What stainer do you use? What slides are being used? We have fought with this also. It could be a number of things....
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