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  1. The iC3 boxes on Helmer refrigerators document the electronic probe checks. If this data is downloaded and documented as high and low alarm checks, wouldn't this satisfy the Standard? Thoughts?
  2. Aside from sending these pipettors off for an annual calibration, it is my understanding that periodic performance checks are necessary, quarterly, or at least every six months. Does everyone do this-by first determining the ambient air temperature, water temperature, humidity, barometric pressure, then using the Z factor chart to calculate the SD and %CV?? Seems like alot to do quarterly??
  3. Does anyone use the Biohit electronic pipettors with gel? If so, how often do you check the performance of the pipettors in house? Thanks.
  4. The interpretation of the ABO compatibility UNOS policy, effective 2/1/04, at this institution, is that the TRANSPLANT SURGEON must document ABO compatibility on 2 occasions. Here, they record this in the Transplant Operative notes and the Site Verification checklist. It has nothing to do with the Blood Bank typing 2 specimens-has something changed??
  5. Our Operating Room purchased a Kelvinator Scientific (without consulting the Blood Bank) for blood storage. The Blood Bank is attempting to validate it, but we have some issues with the alarm setup. A burned out bulb (Low or High indicator) disables the audible alarm. There is also no "test" button to check the low or high visual indicators, so we would never know when a bulb is out and the alarm won't sound if the temp goes too high or low. Does anyone have experience with these? Does the FDA require certain criteria before a refrigerator can be labeled "Blood Storage Device" Technical Support has been no help whatsoever, it is a "new model and they are unfamiliar with it" Also, there is only one probe in the upper chamber for the entire cabinet and recorder chart combined??
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