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Medical Technologist - Department of Veterans Affairs

22 days ago

Job Opportunity Details


Full Time


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Working Location

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For full job announcement and details please visit USAJOBS - Job Announcement
Open & closing dates

 10/30/2021 to 11/15/2021


$43,683 - $56,790 per year

Pay scale & grade

GS 7 - 9

Various tours to include weekends and holidays. For full job announcement and details please visit USAJOBS - Job Announcement

The duties of this position are but not limited to the following:

Analyzes and corrects problems using scientific principles.

Evaluates and solves problems related to collection and processing of biological specimens for analysis taking into account physiologic processes and requirements.

Maintains and documents the optimal functioning of laboratory equipment.

Uses, calibrates, identifies malfunctions, repairs, and performs preventive maintenance of laboratory equipment.

Diagnoses deviations in test performance due to instrument malfunction.

Performs and documents quality control and assurance activities and corrective actions related to test performance using statistical principles and theories of performance improvement.

Adheres to practices and regulations governing biosafety and biosecurity in the workplace.

Identifies discrepancies, solves problems, and presents solutions.

Answers inquiries regarding test results, methodology, test specificity, test sensitivity, and specific factors, which influence test results. Interprets results and suggests follow-up test selection or procedures.

Evaluates and implements new techniques and procedures in the laboratory in terms of equipment, method comparison, and establishment of reference intervals using statistical methods and theoretical knowledge.

Interprets findings and makes recommendations.

Performs charge person (Primary Technologist) duties in the absence of supervisory personnel.

For full job announcement and details please visit USAJOBS - Job Announcement


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